Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The hardest part of being a runner

It isn't the long miles a person has to put in to be in shape for race
It isn't that long run where you don't think you can run another mile but somehow you manage to run five more miles
It isn't the aches and pains
It isn't the search for the perfect shoe
It isn't the periodic losing toenails
it is coming down off an endorphin high! Especially after a nice hard run. I feel so good, I am so high I can barely sleep. Then a few days later I come crashing down so hard, I feel like crying all the time. I need to get a good run in but I am recovering, I can only run four to six miles.
If you haven't ever had an endorphin high, you do not know what you are missing. It is like floating and needing to laugh all the time.  The best part is I earned it by running my ass off!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A few things that make me happy

I have a lot to be grateful for, here are a few things I am grateful for today...
- I can go to the grocery store and buy fresh fruits and vegetables without thinking of the cost.
- Isaac wants to be called Anakan Skywalker.
-My husband is good man and I still really like him! Of course I love him but like and love are two different things.
-spring days at the park
-my relationship with my parents. They are so supportive and we have become such good friends.
-Elijah's sense of fashion and amazing imagination
-my sisters
-my brothers
-my amazing girlfriends
-my husband went to school and worked hard. Life is easier when we don't have to worry so much about paying bills.
-I get to go to school and be a stay at home mom

Life is short and can change in an instant. I try and remind myself of that everyday. I want to enjoy the goodness I have in my life.

Friday, March 16, 2012


Sam Sloan had surgery on Monday. He had an open hernia repair. This was his first surgery and first time  using pain pills.  Usually medical professionals are horrible patients and I think Sam was actually kind of cute. When he was coming out of anesthesia he had the nurse tell him every med he got in the OR, how they intubated him and he had to look at his incision site twice. He has been really good about laying in bed and getting rest. But I do have to remind him to take his pain pills.  Yesterday he was trying figure out how high is white blood cell count got! Us normal people just worry about our pain, but my husband is trying to figure out his WBC.
He is slowly doing better. He has been going for walks and trying to help out more around the house.
This is strange to say but I love that he asks these kind of questions and I love that he follows me around the house when I am cleaning because he is ansy to get moving again.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Strange Conversations

Yesterday while out for my weekly long run, I saw my brother Lucas who was also out running. This is the conversation we had...
Me: Hey how far are you running today?
Lucas: oh only 7 miles
Me: Aren't you going snowshoeing today?
Lucas: Yeah but not until noon
Me: I decided I am running up to the Shoreline Trail today. I need a trail run before my 25k
Lucas: How far is a 25k again?
Me: Somewhere between 15 and 16 miles
Lucas: Oh that isn't bad
Me: Yeah I will be 12 weeks pregnant when I run it
Lucas: Oh yeah, not bad
we then said our good-byes and ran off in opposite directions
A couple of miles later as I was running up a big ass hill it occurred to me how strange that conversation was this is why
-I didn't think anything of the fact that Lucas was running 7 miles before he went snowshoeing.  I mean why wouldn't you go running before you go snowshoeing
-Lucas didn't think it was weird that his sister was running 5.5 miles uphill to the Shoreline trail, so I could then trail run
-Neither one of us think a 25k is that awesome of a distance
-Lucas didn't think anything of his pregnant sister running a 25k trail run because that is so normal!

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Elijah turns 5!

He turned 5 on February 12th, and I have been so busy I am just getting to blogging it.
We started the day by having any breakfast he wanted. He picked french toast, sausage and eggs. He then opened on present from Sam and I and his present from his Grandpa BG.
In the afternoon we headed to his birthday party at Jump Around Utah. This is the coolest place to have a birthday party! Is is a cool bouncy castle place and we got it to ourselves for two hours. A lot of Elijah's friends came and we had a lot of family there to celebrate with us. Unfortunately we didn't get any pictures of the kids bouncing, we were too busy bouncing with them.  The above picture is him and his very cool Power Ranger cake. He really wanted to only eat candy ALL day on his birthday, my compromise was serving candy at his party. I am sure all kids were super excited to spend the day bouncing and eating candy and even more sure the parents were very grateful to me.
After the party we came home and he sorted through his many presents. He picked pizza for dinner. He slept very well that night!
On Monday we brought treats into his classroom to celebrate. He is so funny he asked us to bring popcorn and pop tarts in. His class sang Happy Birthday to him and loved the treats he picked.
He is old enough to appreciate the work we put into his birthday, he spent many days telling me how awesome I am!