Sunday, February 28, 2010

Nana and Papa Date

I went to work yesterday. It was the first time since december! Since Sam was also at work my parents came over to watch our boys. When they come over to babysit Elijah calls it a Nana banana and Papa date. Before Sam left in the morning Elijah asked if Papa would go to the grocery store and get bubble water and if Nana would watch Michael Jack with him.

After I got off work I hurried home. Thinking Isaac had been crying all day. That is what he normally does when I am gone. Turns out instead of dealing with crying the four of them had a fun filled day. Both of the boys were dirty from playing outside. Papa took them running and they both took naps on the run. Nana took them for a walk in the wagon. They colored, played cars, took the books off the bookshelf (fun for only Isaac) and just had one of those nice early spring days.

To make my day even better Nana cleaned up my house for me and Papa did yard work! Seriously who needs daycare when you have babysitters like this. Later I noticed my mom had taken these cute pictures of the boys. I do not want to work full-time right now but that was a nice break made even better by the happy little boys I cam home to.

Friday, February 26, 2010




So the Atencio genes are strong! All us of us look alike. I just assumed I would give birth to Sloans that looked like Atencio's. Turns out I may have been wrong. Elijah looks like a Sloan and Isaac is both Atencio and Sloan. I can not believe I do all that work and I don't even get a look-alike.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Poor Isaac getting his breathing treatment.

Elijah gave me all these special rocks. He was so proud of himself.

Kids are funny. They do funny things and they say funny things.
Last night Elijah looked at me very seriously and said "are you my fat mom?". I said no and he then said "are you just regular?". I suppose it was a valid question, he is trying to figure the world out.
Swim lessons are going okay. Elijah has to be told he is learning to swim like a stingray before he will get in the pool. Once in the pool he has to periodically wander off to play cars. The best part of swim lessons is he is getting comfortable in the water and he is tired at the end of lessons.
Isaac is crawling everywhere! He doesn't do the normal crawl, he does this one hand track start looking things (it is hard to describe). He is pulling himself up and trying so hard to walk. He is signing!!! He signs more. He also waves now and is starting to give high fives.
This last week started off with a lot of fun. On Sunday afternoon my Mom and Dad were nice enough to come babysit the boys so Sam and I could go on a date. After the movie Sam and I took the boys to Wheeler Farm. It is the perfect place for Elijah to ride his bike and look at animals. Late Sunday night the boys both starting acting very sick. By Monday morning Isaac was having a hard to breathing. I took him up to Primary Children's Hospital. They said he had RSV and reactive asthma. He got a breathing treatment and seemed to feel better. By Wednesday they both were back to being wild things.
My running is not going so well. My foot started bothering my last week. I thought it was my new shoes, so I got new ones. It felt better for a few days but the pain has come back and it is worse. I am worried I won't be able to run my half marathon next month!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Well Baby check up and Birthdays

Isaac and Elijah had their check-ups on Friday. They are both healthy (of course). Elijah weighs 25lbs. 11oz, he is 36 & 1/4 inches tall and his head is 51 cm. His weight is on the growth chart for the first time in two years! Isaac is 27 inches, 19lbs 14 oz and his head is 48 cm. Yes he has a Sloan head. Isaac only gained one pound in three months.
Today is Elijah's third birthday! It is so crazy. Three years has gone by so fast. He is not even a toddler any more, he is a wild little boy. He says the funniest things and he is so independent. We got into the car yesterday and he says " I want to hear Beat it beat it and you guys know that!" I laughed even though I shouldn't have. We are having his party at the indoor pool. He is so excited. He keeps asking when we get to go.
Next week Elijah starts swim lessons, he goes four days a week for two weeks. In March he starts soccer. I think he needs a constructive energy outlet and to hang out with other kids his age.
I will post pictures of the birthday party tomorrow.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

9 month and 3 year pictures

It was not easy. They would not sit still. Elijah would either smile with his eyes closed or with his eyes wide open. Isaac kept crawling off. I think we got some cute ones and some very funny ones.