Saturday, January 22, 2011

Epic run

He wears these pajamas a lot! I think I will have to buy another set.

Seriously it was epic. We started at Red Butte Gardens on the Shore Line trail to 11th ave, to the captial and then to my house. It was right under ten miles, so we had to run around the block. I felt pretty good until about mile eight, then I got really tired.
Last Saturday I was still recovering so I only ran six. By Monday I was back I did five miles. Tuesday was five miles and Wednesday was six miles with hill repeats. Thursday I did nothing. Friday I ran four miles, did walking push ups and star crunches.
Right now I need a nap but my boys don't so I am going to hang with them. They have colds so I think we will all sleep well tonight.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

workouts and kids

Tuesday and Wednesday I ran about 6 miles. Tuesday I felt pretty good but yesterday I was tired. This morning I woke up with a weird virus. My throat is sore and I am achy and tired. I am hoping the runs have been hard because this virus was coming. I am also hoping I feel better by Saturday so I can do my long run.
Elijah will be four in one month and Isaac will be two in four months. I love their ages. Elijah is getting to be so independent. He washes his own hands, gets his own snacks, and is starting to get his own cereal. He is so creative and imaginative. I love listening to him play. He often plays a combination of cars, superheroes, and dinosaurs. He is also into coloring a lot more. Isaac is such a smart toddler. He looks at himself in the mirror and says "me, Bean". (his nickname is Bean). He loves to sit on the couch and read books. He has the most amazing vocabulary. He also loves to copy anything his brother does! They are to the point they play together but I think it is more Elijah playing and bossing Isaac around. They really do amaze me.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Best anniversary ever!

Yesterday was our four year anniversary. We started out the morning with family pictures. We did them outside so it was good that it had snowed the night before. We had blue skies! It was cold and the boys got a little irritated with the cold. I think the pictures are going to be really cute. I will post them when we get them back.
We went home to get warm, eat some breakfast and take little naps. After my parents came over to watch the boys, Sam and I went for a couples massage. It was much needed! That massage therapist hurt me. He worked out all the knots in my neck, back and legs from running. We then went for tea and hot chocolate at the Coffee Garden. It is one of my favorite places for coffee but I don't go there very often, it is a small space and my kids are very loud.
We had dinner at The Bayou. Their beer menu is huge. It took Sam at least ten minutes to pick out a beer. We had a good dinner, good beer and good conversation.
It really was a good day. Sam started school today so it was nice to spend a day just us.

Saturday I ran 12.50 miles. We had to run in Heber because of the air quality in Salt Lake. It was suppose to be a ten mile run but I got us lost. I am not sure everyone listened to me, I don't know Heber!
Today I went for a 5 mile run and it hurt. It was a very hard run. I am not sure if it was Saturday run or the massage that did me in. I think I will be skipping my speed workout for the week.

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Snowshoe Date

Beautiful Big Cottonwood Canyon

Yesterday my brother Lucas was nice enough to offer to babysit so Sam and I could go on a date. We decided to snowshoe to Lake Blanche. It was a perfect snowy winter day. The hike is hard in the summer and even harder in the winter with snowshoes. We were out there almost all alone, we did see a few backcountry skiers and even a few fat birds.
I traded in the hike for a running day and I needed it.
Sunday I ran eight miles,
Tuesday I did a tempo workout,
Wednesday I snowshoed
and tonight I am going to do the 550 rep workout. I feel pretty good, my hamstrings are tight from the hike but nothing a good stretch won't help.

Monday, January 03, 2011

the beginning of 2010

the end of 2010

Getting ready to go for a ride on super dog.

Isaac and Elijah have changed so much over the last year! Elijah is full on boy, no baby left. He likes to ride his bike, watch cartoons, he likes superheroes, powerrangers, and pokemon's. He likes to read comic books. He is very particular about his clothes. Isaac is toddler. He speaks so well. He likes to watch Barney and Toy Story. He loves cars and Buzz light year. It is amazing watching them grow. Sometimes I look at them and my heart breaks a little, they are getting so big and independent.
2010 has been an amazing year!