Monday, June 18, 2012

Epic Fail 2012

When I got pregnant I decided if I felt good and could maintain come kind of fitness I would still do Ragnar this year. Ragnar can be brutal but mostly because we never get enough sleep. I felt good going into Ragnar. I am tired but it is the normal pregnant lady tired. My asthma is controlled. I was able to run up to 7 miles and still feel good.
My first run was a short 2 mile trail run through Snow Basin. I felt really good but decided I should walk up all the hills since I would be running two more times before I was done. I came across the exchange point feeling strong. Then the trouble started.
About ten minutes after my run I had a sudden onset of my heart beating so hard I could feel it in my throat and then I got dizzy. When I laid down I felt fine but every time I had my head up it came back. I laid down while we drove to our next exchange point and I thought I felt better. Sam, Andrea and I walked to bathroom where my crazy heart rate came back and the so did the dizziness. At that point Sam the NP and Andrea the RN decided I was done. They walked me to the medic tent so they could check me out with the heart monitor.  By the time we got there I was starting to feel better (of course) but my heart rate was high, I had a few PVC's (Sam explained these to me but I can not explain them to you)  and my blood pressure was high.  My parents came and got Sam and I so we could get Captain checked out. The bad part was I left my team two people short, in the middle of the night two people had to run two legs!
Sam and I went to the hospital and Captain was doing great. He was upset they dared to put the monitors on him but that is our boy.  My blood work and EKG came back normal. The theory is being pregnant my electrolytes got out of whack (happens easily to pregnant ladies) and then my body freaked out.
Sam and I went home to sleep for a few hours, then met up with our team in Heber so Sam could run his last leg. I did cross the finish line with my awesome team and that felt good.
I am feeling pissed and grateful. I am pissed because I didn't finish. I am grateful that I am okay and my baby is okay. I am grateful I have an amazing husband, amazing family and amazing friends who made sure I was okay and never cared they had to do more runs during Ragnar.
I am already planning Ragnar 2013 and next year I promise to finish and maybe even kick a little ass.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

It is a boy!!!

That is right boy number 3!!!! I am so excited to be the mom of three boys. I am a little worried about my mental health for the next 30 years but really how cool. I keep thinking about how wonderful and perfect he was on ultrasound and how Elijah and Isaac are such amazing kids and I just smile. We haven't picked a name yet but his nick name has been Captain since I was six weeks pregnant, thinking that name won't ever go away.  Already this baby is so active. Since I was 19 weeks pregnant he has been able to kick hard enough to make me light headed. We had a hard time getting the ultrasound done because he was so crazy. I think he is practicing keeping up with his brothers.
The picture is me 22 weeks pregnant.