Saturday, February 26, 2011

I am getting old

And I really don't mind. Everything is different my body, my thinking, my priorities, and my self-esteem. I think getting older is amazing and I am loving it. I don't want to go get drunk anymore, in fact I rarely drink. I made a lot of mistakes while drunk and created a lot of drama. I like being a sober responsible adult. I appreciate my body so much more, I try really hard not to say or think mean things about my body. My body has carried two babies and fed those two babies. My body has run countless miles and I have been able to push it to the limit and it has done so good. I don't go out at nine thirty at night, I go to bed. I don't go to sleep at six in the morning, I wake up at six in the morning so I can work out before my boys are up and moving. I want to finish college not because I feel like I have to but because I want to because I worth a good college education. I don't miss being in my 20's at all! I like being 31, I feel so much better. I am starting to get a few laugh lines. I don't mind, better to have laugh lines than drunk lady wrinkles or even frowning wrinkles. My relationships are better now. I am a better partner because of all the positive changes. Most of this is because a man as good as Sam loves me. But it is also because I think I have gotten better with age.

My Achilles tendon is still sore. I started to have ankle and foot pain also. I stopped running completely so it could heal. I have been going to the gym four days a week and doing the elliptical machine. Have I ever mentioned how much I dislike the gym, I don't like talking to strange men while I am working out! The elliptical is kicking my butt though so that is good. I am making sure I do pilates once a week and the 550 so I keep up my flexibility and strength. I am starting to feel much better so soon I will be running. I really need to run I have a 25k on March 26th I need to get into shape for!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Elijah

Elijah and his long lost soul mate Alex

Getting ready to blow out the candles for the second time

"I am fourrrrrr"

Power Ranger Elijah

Super Hero Elijah

I cannot believe Elijah is four! Four years has gone by so quickly. I do like four year old Elijah, three-year olds are very challenging. The closer Elijah got to four, the easier things got. He is so thoughtful, inquisitive, and smart. He will always be independent and a little defiant but I think those can be good things.
We had his birthday party at the Aquarium. It was so nice, I didn't have to do anything but bring the cake. The kids all ate Mac and Cheese. We had Power Ranger cake. Elijah opened a ton of presents, which was a little overwhelming with all the other kids being so curios. The kids went on a scavenger hunt through the aquarium. Then we just hung out till closing. When we got home Elijah was able to look at his presents and appreciate them more. He was really excited about everything he got and he got a ton of cool stuff.

My running is not going. I felt really good after being sick but my Achilles tendon started acting up. I tried resting but I did a 5k on it and then tried to do easy runs on it. It didn't work. I bought an a month long pass to the rec center and I will do the elliptical machine for a week, with pilates and the 55o workout. Hopefully after that I will feel better and I can get back to running. I have some big races coming up and I want to do good on them.

Sunday, February 06, 2011

One of those days

he knows he is awesome

the new mohawk

Today was one of those days. The morning went alright, we had breakfast and got ready for the day. Elijah got himself dressed and Isaac was singing all morning. Then we went to the grocery store. Elijah started throwing a fit as we were walking out the door. He kept throwing the fit until I was half way done grocery shopping. The fit was so intense people were giving us strange looks and one man actually stopped to laugh. As soon as Elijah calmed down, Isaac started throwing a fit. He decided to stop once we were out of the store. I decided to get the boys kids meal and they didn't give us french fries so I had to go back! Everything was fine for a while Isaac took a nap and Elijah decided to make himself some cereal. Then Elijah got into the pantry and I have no idea what he was doing but he broke a can of salsa all over him and all over everything in there. Thank goodness he didn't hurt himself. He was so upset and kept telling me he was going to buy me more salsa, so I couldn't get mad. Isaac woke up from his nap and fell half way down the stairs. While we were making our weekly scones Elijah put both of his hands on a hot burner. He has first degree burns but really not bad for what he did. I was feeling stressed until Elijah thanked me for doing his laundry and Isaac asked me for a hug. Those little things really make me happy.
I was sick last week so I only ran Thursday five miles, Friday four miles and Saturday I did eight. I did feel okay enough to go running on Wednesday but it was so cold outside I couldn't take my boys in the jogger. I ended up doing the 550 workout. I felt really good considering how sick I was.