Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Training and more training

Very soon Sam, Eric, Lucas, Larry, Geno, some friends and I will be running the Ragnar relay together. It is a 180 mile relay from Logan to Park City. Today Sam and I started running twice a day to get ready for it. We are only running three and a half miles at a time but let me tell you, it is hard work!

Elijah is going to be annoyed very quickly. He tolerates being in the jogger once a day, so twice a day will be a challenge for him. Isaac likes seeing the world from the jogger. I think we will have to think of a different route to do.

I might feel differently later but I am thinking this whole relay thing is crazy!!

Friday, May 21, 2010

A Normal Day

Today was just a normal day for us. We wok up early to have breakfast with our friend Andrea and some of her family. In the middle of breakfast Elijah told everyone he didn't want to watch the dragon movie he wants to watch KickAss. When Andrea told him he couldn't do something he asked if he could do it for just two minutes. Ahh my cute three year old. After breakfast we went to the library. Elijah was very well behaved and played nicely with the other children. Isaac on the other hand ran around like a crazy toddler, throwing books off the shelves as fast as he could. Every time I tried to hold him he would scream so loud. So I decided going home for some chill time was a good idea. When we got home Isaac fell right asleep, Elijah decided jumping on my head and doing face plants on the bed was a good idea until I told him I would put him in Isaac's crib to sleep. After a nice long nap I changed Isaac's diaper and just let him play around in his diaper. I was washing the dishes and he came in holding his diaper and laughing. I of coursed laughed also. He walked away for a minute and then walked back into the kitchen I then realized he had caca on his hands and all over his legs. He had made caca on the floor! We were not laughing anymore. While I was trying to clean him up, Elijah was kind enough to let me know Buckley was eating the caca! Both the boys got their night time bath at five and Buckley has been banished to the backyard. Now I have lost my phone, I am being forced to read Spider-man comics and play cars. Isaac is climbing the kitchen chair and I am not sure I want to cook dinner. I would say it was a good day.

Friday, May 14, 2010

It has been too long

We have a visitor coming tomorrow. It has been too long Grandpa BG and Grandma Sharon! I am excited for the boys to meet you and hang out with you. I am excited to talk with you guys and eat good food. Here are some pictures until I have more to show.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Isaac turned one!

trying to get the cake and ice cream off!

Elijah had to have a turn in the kitchen sink. I believe he is getting a little big for it.

I can not believe my baby is one. This year has gone by so quickly. He has turned into such a cute toddler. I love his little personality he can be so sweet or so grumpy and independent. He likes to sing and dance, he can already do baby sign, he climbs anything including the kitchen table, he likes to ride his bike, help me in the garden, play cars, drink chocolate milk and just be the cutest one year old this mama has ever seen. He wasn't too interested in his presents but he sure did love his cake.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom

Yesterday my mom turned 60. We had an open house for her, with friends and family. It was such a nice day.We were suppose to have the party outside but we live in Utah and it was raining and cold most of the day. We brought the party indoors and things turned out great. My mom has a lot to be proud of! She has six kids that love her and love each other. She has a lot of friends that appreciate her. She has a husband who thinks the world of her and nine grandkids that think she is the best Nana ever. I forgot my camera, so I stole these pictures from Juanita's blog.