Tuesday, August 30, 2011


check out that smile
Bean is an amazing kid. He is smart, charming, loving, independent and loud. I never worry about anyone bossing this kid around. His favorite sayings are no, me me me, and I do it! He loves cars, his bikes, playing outside, pretty girls and carrots and hummus. His favorite drinks are sparkling water and ice tea. He has the most amazing vocabulary for a two year old. He tries to skateboard and scares the hell out of me. He isn't afraid to try anything, including climbing fences, riding his bike down the skate park ramps and jumping down a lot of stairs. He is very tender hearted, he gets very upset when he is put on timeout and gets even more upset when Elijah is put on timeout. The first thing he says in the morning is "where my daddy go" and "mommy come on get up". Did I mention he never sleeps past 7:30? He likes Mickey Mouse, Tow-mater, Elmo and Barney but never watches t.v for longer than 20 minutes. He loves coffee especially ice coffee. He looks so much like my Dad sometimes it still surprises me. He is only two and has already decided he wants to be fireman when he grows up. He really likes Triceratops and turtles.
I think he is amazing.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


All of a sudden he is a kid. He is so skinny and getting tall. He asks all these big kid questions that I have a hard time answering. Thank goodness for google. He likes to do puzzles and read books. He has the best imagination, he can play for hours by himself. He makes these popping noises while he concentrates, I am not even sure he knows he is making them. He is the best big brother. He and Isaac will be playing and he tells him that Isaac is the best brother and he loves him. In a few short weeks he goes to school! I am a little sad, for his whole life he and I have been together almost everyday. This is one step away from me. I am proud of him though. He is so smart and charming, he will do good in school. He already has fashion sense, he tells me how he wants his hair cut. Sometimes he picks Indiana Jones haircut and then sometimes he wants a mohawk. He already has his outfits picked out for the first two days of school. He has a girlfriend named Bella. She is seven, he is going to marry her at Discovery Gateway and they are having kids together. He loves babies. He often asks me for a baby sister. He wants him, Isaac and his future baby sister to be a group called the 3 ninjas.
My life is better because of him.

Saturday, August 06, 2011

Samuel Sloan is now board certified!


at the start line

at the finish line

Elijah giving me flowers

I ran my first marathon last Saturday. It was an amazing course and an amazing experience. I had to hike from mile nine to fifteen but kept moving the whole time! I made a lot of new friends, who are even more crazy than me. I finished in 5:20 but the course was a hard/slow course so I was the 7th woman and 2nd in my age group. I had so much fun and I felt really good the whole time. I am looking forward to doing more trail runs/marathons!