Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year's Eve!

My favorite christmas gifts

Elijah picked out this beautiful necklace for me.
Isaac picked out this pumpkin pie scented soap for me. 
Seriously both are so awesome and so are my 
wild things. 

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas Eve!

It is an exciting day at the Atencio Sloan house! 

Friday, December 21, 2012

Atencio Sloan family pictures

It was craziness! But they turned out so cute. If you like them check out Juanita Atencio Photography on Facebook.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

random update

I have always loved Christmas but I love it even more now that I have kids of my own. The wild things are so excited! We went to breakfast with Santa last week. Elijah asked for a dart gun "you know the kind that shoot arrows and make animals go to sleep!".   That is so not happening.  Isaac asked Santa who Santa's mama was. I feel that is a very valid question.
The sad news is Elijah has figured out that "Santa is just a regular guy wearing a suit". He thinks his Auntie Laura and Nana bring the presents over. He is smart so I am not surprised that he figured that out so quickly. Once one of the kids know Santa is not real all the kids know. I never believed in Santa I had too many older siblings.
I have been taking the boys to mass. We decided to get them baptized in the Catholic church. Sam and I aren't religious but we decided they need some kind of religious foundation. I am so glad mass is only an hour long, Elijah and Isaac do not sit still!!!
Captain is three months old! It has gone so quickly. He is the fattest cutest baby. He is aware and happy. He sleeps for six hour stretches at night and then wants to feed for an hour.
I keep thinking about all those kids in Connecticut. My heart just breaks for everyone involved. All those lives lost and all those kids that had their innocence stolen from them. I keep reminding myself that life changes in an instant, I have to be grateful for the goodness I have and I have to make sure I live my life making positive changes.
I take my job as a mama very seriously. I want my boys to have a good childhood, I want them to have manners and to be considerate. I want them to grow up and be happy whole men. I know that all of that  starts at home. I want so badly to protect them from the world and all bad stupid things people do but I know I can't so I let them know they can survive anything and that I always have their backs.
Okay enough randmness for now!

Friday, November 30, 2012

Sunday, November 25, 2012

I am holding a sleeping baby, listening to my wild things play while my husband makes dinner. Moments like this make me feel amazingly thankful. All month I have been planning on writing a thankful post. So here it goes.....
I am thankful for
My husband. He is my partner and best friend.
My three wild sons. How lucky am I to have them in my life.
My family that makes me laugh, doesn't let me get away with my bossy ways and always has my back.
For my sister in law Juanita she has taught me that sometimes to be a good parent you have to be completely unselfish and that there are new beginnings.
My brother Lucas. An amazing man who is so important I wanted my son to cary his name.
For my warm home.
I can go to the grocery store and buy all the healthy food I want.
For mid morning Americano's.

That I got to be there to tell my Aunt Teresa good-bye. She knows I forgive her and that I did love her.
I am thankful I found my way.
For running. It keeps me strong physically but also helps me keep sane.
For good hair cuts.
Daily phone calls to my mom.
Sisters that just know.
Brothers that make fun of me.
Aunts and Cousins that aren't blood related but are family.

For my son's laughter
Elijah's crazy hair.
Isaac's dry sense of humor.
That I am a woman. I get the privilege of being pregnant and then breast feeding my babies.
For my grumpy daddy.
Amazing friends.

For modern medicine
That Obama is the president for anther four years.
That I get to take college classes whenever I want. One day I will finish college.
and so much more.

Friday, November 23, 2012

picture post

 halloween 2012

 brother love

 October 2012
 Uncle Lucas and Lucas September 2012

 The Wild Things

 Captains first time in the jogger

 he enjoys when I do this to his hair

feeding his baby

Monday, November 19, 2012

Captain had his two month check up today. He is so big and healthy. 
He weighs 13.7 lbs and is 23.25 inches long. He is starting to smile and coo! He is a good baby as long as he is being held and he is fed as soon as he demands. 

Monday, November 12, 2012

One of these Atencio-Sloans is not like the other

Elijah Sloan 2 months

Isaac Sloan 2 months

Luc Sloan 2 months

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

See that smile.
Don't let it deceive you.
He looks sweet but he can bring the three year old thunder.
Like when he elbows me in the face while I am nursing
and says "you want the benefit of the elbow!". 

Monday, October 08, 2012

On September 19th we took Luc for his first check up. He weighed 7lbs and he was 20 inches long.
Today he went for a check up.
He weighs 9.2 lbs and is 21 inches long. 
Yeah I might not be so good at that whole giving birth thing
but I sure do rock at that whole breast feeding thing! 

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Luc is three weeks old. I can not believe it has already been three weeks, his due date is tomorrow.
It amazes me that I can fall in love like this all over again.
I am such a lucky mama. 
I have three wild things.
Three little boys to keep me on my toes. 
Isaac and Elijah are going to make sure Luc is spoiled.
Every morning they come downstairs to see how his night went,
if he cries they get upset and ask me over and over again to pick him up. 
They help me pick out his outfits, give him a bath and argue about
who is going to hold him. 
I am starting to feel a little bit normal, recovering from a c-section is hard. 
But I tend to push a little hard and then I have to rest and take half a pain pill. 
I am anxious about Sam going back to work on Monday! 
If I seem more crazy the next time I post, not to worry it is just me 
adjusting to being the ring leader of three wild things. 

Sunday, September 30, 2012


 Being carried around in the mama sling 

He loves to cuddle with his baby brother like this

 another hilarious family shot

Sam reading to his boys

He likes wearing his pants like this. He says it makes him
look like Mickey Mouse. 

My c-section was scheduled for yesterday. Funny when we scheduled my section I knew Captain wasn't going to wait that long, I just didn't think he would be coming as soon as he did.  He is getting big already, his newborn clothes are getting tight and he is starting to get fat rolls. I say bring on the fat rolls, I love fat babies!!!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sunday, September 23, 2012

10 days old

My handsome baby boy is ten days old! The third time around caring for new born is so easy, it is the big kids that are the work. I think we are starting to get into some kind of routine and maybe figuring out how to make sure all three of the boys are getting what they need.
I am finally starting to feel like a normal person again! C-sections are hard. I think me not being me has been harder for Elijah and Isaac than anything else.
I have been thinking about how much my life has changed since I met Sam. Eight years ago I never thought I would get married or have kids and I was really good with that. Now I am a mother of three wild boys and I am so happy to be Sam's wife. Meeting Sam changed everything for the better. Sam loving me changed me and made me a better person.  The last two weeks have been a challenge for us but I think we have handled it as a team.  There is nothing better than watching Sam hang out with our boys, he is such a good dad it makes me love him even more!
I have also been feeling very grateful for our friends and family. Everyone has been so good to us.

Sorry for the cheese I think the baby hormones are making extra cheesy.

Monday, September 17, 2012

He has arrived!!

On September 13th at 1:28 p.m Lucas Dalton Atencio Sloan made his arrival. 
aka Luc  aka Captain

After six long days of early labor I was finally taken back for my c-section. The minute I heard his little cry everything was worth it!  This baby was born at 36 weeks so he was considered late pre-term.  He weighed 7lb 5oz and was 20 inches long. He had no problems at all! I can not even imagine how big he would have been had he waited until 39 weeks.

I can not believe I am the mother of three little boys. Elijah is such a good big brother, he is already asking when Captain gets to sleep with him. Isaac is warming up to him, he is upset he can't feed him. I keep trying to explain only woman can feed babies but he insists we can paint boobs on his pecs and he should be good to go.

  Luc brought his big brothers skateboards home from the hospital. Coolest little brother present ever!