Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Just sitting in my kitchen watching one of my boys dance around and the other one is asleep in my arms. It is a good mama moment.

Monday, August 24, 2009

We have arrived

We have moved into our house. We spent one week cleaning (it needed it badly), painting, Sam put new flooring in the basement with the help of Zack and Lucas, we got sod in the backyard and installed central air. In six to eight weeks we are getting new windows, we didn't check the windows well enough before we made an offer or we would have realized some of the windows don't shut all the way and some of them are broken. We will get the tax credit for putting in the window so that helps with the money.
I am a little nostalgic for the old house. A lot our life together happened there. It was the first home Sam and I lived in together, we got engaged there, and we brought both of our boys home from the hospital there. I am loving being a homeowner. We got to pick our own paint colors and it is our home.
Elijah has been having a hard time with all the changes recently. He is acting out but I think he is starting to feel better. Isaac can now roll over but tends to only do it when he is mad that I put him down. Sam started school today, he won't have a day off until October! Lucas is our new roommate!
I am grateful for all the help we have had from our friends and family! We couldn't have done this without them. Zack, Lucas, Laura, Larry, Teresa, Gabrielle, Eric, Dani, Val ,Andrea, Jen and Jacqui thank you! I am really grateful for my parents they have done so much to help us. They have put a lot of time, money and energy into making our house nice. Thank you mom and dad.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

3 months

Isaac is three months old today! I can not believe three months has already gone by. Isaac's personality is starting to come out and he is laughing and smiling a lot. He loves to watch his brother play and he loves to sit on my lap and talk to me. He likes watching Sam throw Elijah around, I think he is looking forward to his turn. When Isaac was first born I thought he was going to be a little calmer than Elijah. I was wrong. Isaac can cry for a whole car ride, he will cry in his swing the whole time I get showered and all because I dared to put him down. The minute I pick him up he stops crying and looks at me like I was foolish to even try and put him down. He is a good sleeper! He sleeps for about five hours at night then eats and sleeps for another four of five hours. He has the best fat rolls ever! He is such a chunky baby, it makes me laugh.
After tonight Sam will be done with his first year of grad school and we will be home owners!!!

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Yesterday on our way to the park Elijah kept telling me "I gonna freak out at park". When we got there he did run wild but no freaking out. He did for the first time meet another little boy and play with him. He has always done the side by side play but I have never actually seen him interact and imagine with another boy! They chased eachother all over the park, they ran away from the animals, rode the other little boys scooter, and played with his one year old brother. It made me so proud, there was also a little part of me that was sad. I know that sounds weird but watching Elijah take these new steps means he is one more step away from me. I want him to be independent and happy but a little part will always be heart broken.
Elijah has also traded his Cars obsession for a Michael Jackson obsession. It is so funny. The one problem is it is easier to get Car clothes and toys than it is to get Michael Jackson anything. My mom got him a Michael Jackson shirt but they don't make Michael Jackson shirts for little boys, it is an adult small. It has kind of become his blanket or he likes me to wear it. Oh my funny boy. I love that personality.
This next week Sam has finals, we close on our house, Laura moves and hopefully we start the process of moving. Stress here we come!!!!