Friday, July 29, 2011

Marathon here I come!

In a few short hours I will be running my first marathon! I have been so nervous and worried that I would have an epic fail! Today I realized that all I have to do is finish. I am only racing myself. I picked a very hard race for my first marathon, for a moment I today I was having anxiety about this. I am not sure why I picked this race, I think I was having a bad-ass moment. Mile nine to fifteen has an average of 400 feet elevation gain per mile! I am planning on walking that part. Because of the elevation gain the race director told me to plan on taking at least five hours to finish!
Thank you Geno without your help I wouldn't have ever gotten this far.
Thank you Sam for understanding all the long hours I had to go running.
Thank you Elijah and Isaac for spending so many long miles in the jogger and only complaining sometimes.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

summer fun

summer evenings

this guy is learning how to chill again. I think he is enjoying himself.

We have been to Jordanelle twice to hang at the beach and go paddle boarding.

I have done two mud runs this month. Sam did one with me. It was his second race ever! Our camera ran out of batteries so we have no pictures to prove this.

They love finger painting. I love that it is easy to clean up.

Isaac is really good at climbing. He climbs everything he can and he freaks me out.

Elijah started T-ball this month. It is so fun to watch. Four year olds trying to bat and run like mad after the ball is hilarious. Elijah is good at batting not so good at paying attention while the other team is batting.

Thursday, July 07, 2011


I love summer. I love my boys playing outside and getting dirty. I love all the fun stuff we get to do. I love family coming to visit. I love summer nights. I love going to the lake and having a beach day. I love going swimming outside. I love all the races I get to run. My favorite part about this summer so far, Sam being home to enjoy all the goodness with us.