Thursday, May 26, 2011


Sam and Elijah went on a small hike together while Isaac slept in the car.

Sam playing on the Sand Dunes

the Sand Dunes at Snow Canyon. Sam is good at getting pictures of me when I am goofing around with the boys.

it is so hard to get a family picture. Someone is always crying or mad.

Red Rock trail.

Sam beginning one of his mountain bike rides. It had rained the night before so there was a lot of mud. Mud makes Sam Sloan happy. He was able to go on a mountain bike ride almost every day we were there. About half-mile from our condo was a lot of single track but this trail is Gooseberry Mesa about an hour outside of St. George.

This picture doesn't do Zion's justice. It is such a beautiful, grand place. I want to go back when we can hike more.

this is outside the museum at Zion's. This might be my favorite picture of the boys.

we spent Saturday at the pool. It was awesome to get some sun.

our view from our condo

Sand Hollow State Park. This is Utah's newest state park and it is beautiful. The beaches are nice red sand and the water was already a nice temperature. Elijah and Isaac played hard, they ran around, tried to swim, and dug nice big holes by hand.

Us at Weeping Rock. This is the one hike we did at Zion's. There are a lot of steep cliffs there and my boys are wild. This hike is only a half mile and I told them to stand away from the edge of the mountain at least twenty times.

Navajo Lake in Dixie National Forest. Sam and I really want to go back when there isn't 6 feet of snow.

We had so much fun. It was nice to get away.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

I really like these little guys

I know all mama's love their kids but I am a lucky mama. I really really like my boys. I think they are the funniest, smartest, loudest boys around and they make me happy.
I like that....
we bought Isaac a five dollar basketball outfit yesterday and now he won't take it off
that Elijah's nickname for me is Chunky Love
that they both say damn it on a regular basis
that Elijah is constantly on the lookout for monsters
Isaac loves playing in the backyard, he can play by himself for hours
they think their daddy is the coolest guy to ever live
they both love bikes. We have three bikes in our backyard and still they fight over them
Elijah asks to get his haircut into a mohawk
Elijah will eat vegetables but not fruit
Isaac will eat fruit but not vegetables
Elijah is never shy
Isaac is shy
they wrestle so hard together
they always say please and thank you to eachother
Elijah is a very patient big brother until Isaac takes his bike
Isaac may be shy but he always sticks up for himself
Elijah never takes lets anyone boss him around, except pretty girls
they are both flirts
but most of all I like that they our mine and Sams

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Grandpa BG got Elijah a dinosaur hunting kit. Here he is opening a dinosaur egg.

I seriously love this outfit

the Dinosaur Museum. I finally gave in and bought us a year long pass.

always keeping us entertained

my baby bits his fingernails and his toenails!

We have been busy since Sam graduated. There has been lots of celebrating, work, studying, and playing. Sam hasn't had a break yet but we are going on vacation soon. Hopefully he can relax and get some good bike rides in then.
My running has been going good. I decided I am running a marathon. I signed up for the Wasatch Back Marathon. It is 2/3 trail and 3000 feet elevation gain in the the first 13 miles. I like to keep it real.

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Birthday fun

My baby is two! Isaac is getting so big. He is such a funny little boy. He can be so affectionate, asking for kisses and hugs. He is fine just playing in the backyard or his room all by himself. He loves wrestling with his friends and Elijah. He loves riding/pushing his bike around the yard. He has this amazing temper, one minute he is fine the next he is swearing and screaming "no, dang it". He talks so much. He calls Elijah "ya ya" or "brother". I am so grateful he is mine.

Thursday, May 05, 2011

He did it!!

Sam has a Doctorate in Advanced Nursing Practice! which means he is a now a Nurse Practitioner. He was worked so hard for the last three years and I am so proud. When I saw him in his cap and gown I cried. We worked so hard for this day and it is here!
Sam wrote a little love note on his Stole of Gratitude and gave it to me. Super Cool!
oh and his mom, dad and brother and I got him a way cool present. AllCity Natureboy single speed bike. He also got lots of wine and beer, a new crank set and R.E.I gift card.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

I can not believe it is already May

April went very quickly! So many good things happened.
Sam passed his research defense.
I got pampered. I had a facial, a pedicure and a massage! I am a lucky woman.
Elijah, Isaac, my mom and I went to San Antonio to see my sister and her beautiful family. We had so much fun. I miss seeing my sister and I miss my kids hanging with her kids. My nephew Gabriel and Elijah were so awesome together. Elijah showed Gabriel how to get dirty and how to wrestle ninja style. Gabriel taught Elijah how to play video games and the art of being quiet! I am so glad my mom came with us, the boys were a lot of work in the airport and on the plane. Elijah mostly watched movies on the plane but Isaac was hard to contain. He would get bored and turn into the Incredible Hulk! San Antonio has a lot of history, it was cool to see the missions and even the Alamo was cool. It is too humid there for my taste though even though I ran super fast there.
It was still winter all April! We had two park day all month.
The boys and I went swimming at a really cool pool in Bountiful. I don't know if I can swim without another adult around again though. Elijah is pretty independent, he goes under the water and is trying very hard to swim. Isaac is crazy in the water. He has no fear! He goes head first down water slides, he jumps off the edge of the pool regardless of who is around or how deep the water is. Time for swim lessons.
Soccer is going really well for Elijah. Team sports are so good for him. His coach has to make him do push-ups to get him to focus on the game sometimes though!
I ran a half-marathon on Saturday. I woke up to a blizzard. The race went really well. There was a lot of hills, I am almost starting to like running uphill. I decided I need to challenge myself more. I am going to run a marathon in July. I picked this marathon because 2/3's of it is on trails.
May is going to be another busy month for us. I will work on keeping the blog updated.