Saturday, April 22, 2006

Titus Demo Day

Today was the Titus Demo Day in Red Butte. I rode my Rig up there and cruised around on shoreline for about an hour. I'm thinking of going fully rigid as I ride with the fork "locked-out" most of the time. Once I made up a good demo loop spun in to do a head-to-head comparo of 26" vs 29" wheels on the Racer-X. After goofing around on my demo loop it became clear to me that I prefer 29ers. I spent 3 hours and 40 minutes mtn biking today and only 35 minutes were on a 26" wheel, compared to 2 hours I spent on the Ti 29er Racer-X.
One bad thing did happen today. I am now considering purchasing a geared bike. My two more wallet friendly options are pictured below.

Today was a great day. Katie, sunshine, bikes, and soft tacos.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

It's Casual!

I have a little loop that I ride on easy/recovery days that takes me by this truck. Not sure how many times I've passed it, but every time I roll past it captivates me. Bikes provide such an interesting perspective on things. I'll try to take my camera out on more rides.
Katie and I are off work till tuesday. Have we got any plans for the weekend? Yep. Running, biking, and enjoying our time together. We'll probably also get out for burgers. Time to walk the dogs!!!

Monday, April 17, 2006

According to the Humane Society:

If you mix one of these.....

With one of these......

On a good hair day you'll get this......

And on a bad hair day you'll get this......

Let's review: German Wire Haired Pointer + Aussie Shepherd = Buckley

aka "Broccoli"

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Who was Sam Sloan?

Those google image searches are fun. Apparently there's a Sam Sloan rail tycoon. Who knew? It's been great here in SLC. Looking forward to a weekend of 12's and some mountain rides next week. Later.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Rest Day

Yep, a rest day. With my head cold still lingering, I decided to take it easy and do some cleaning/prep-work on the bikes. Rig: new cables/housing and some fresh stan's. Old Road: overhaul and a big money 10 speed chain.

So what's the plan for the week? Trauma nursing class thrusday and friday with some mellow afternoon spins. Saturday will hopefully be a pre-ride of the point blank race with Team Revolution. Sunday looks to be a long strength/endurance road ride.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Now that we are engaged it's all buisness all the time!

Wilson vs. Wookie

Time Flies!!!!!

It's been a while since I've done any updates. Time flies when you're working extra shifts, sick, going to moab, training, and getting engaged. So, after a nearly two month break I'm throwing down an update. There will be words and pictures. Please enjoy.
We went to Moab for the Canyonland's Half Marathon. Katie and Geno ran. I made pizza, cheered, and busted out some classic Moab rides on my single speed. Katie battled an tough head-wind to finish in the top half of her age group. It was a nice mellow weekend spent with family.

The moab digs. This condo was twice as big as our house!!!

Katie about to execute a near perfect hat drop.


Porcupine at the start.

Top of the climb

Southern Utah. It's allright.

Rig on the trail.

Me on the trail

Katie celebrated her birthday this March. This birthday put Katie past the upper age limit for dating. I love her too much to kick to the curb, so I asked her marry me.

You really can't do anything at our house with the mutts involving themselves.