Thursday, September 27, 2007

What's that noise???

Can't walk. Won't take a bottle. No problem.

Activity log:
Night shifts and a wicked head cold have put the brakes on my plans for this week.
Knee Report:
The insoles seem to be helping.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Elijah just realized he likes baby food. We just realized how fast time flies by when you're chasing little E around.
I'm starting to make some progress with the knee issues. I over-pronate in a big time way. Between the insoles I just started rocking and my exercises/stretching this thing should be history by next cross season. I'll be sitting this season out. It's taken me a while to see this as a good thing. So instead of racing this fall/winter I'll be working on my knees and laying down some serious base miles for racing the SS and CX in 2008.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Here's A Photo Dump

Wednesday: Short on time. 1 Hr on the "B" bike. Tried several upper endurance intervals. Knees seemed to tolerate the additional strain.
Thursday: 2 Hrs on the "B" machine. Knees ached afterwards. Upper body stuff. Knee exercises. Stretching. Knees seemed to get more painful as the day progressed.
Friday: 1 Hr mellow on the ferrous. Knees still ache a little from yesterday. Core. Stretching. Knee exercises.
Some conclusions about my knee pain:
1. No more flip-flops or old clogs. These both seem to contribute to the issues. I'm going to be sticking to my PI running shoes.
2. I really feel that the PT stuff is helping. I just need to keep it mellow on the bike a while longer.
3. Need to get my position looked at again.
4. The ferrous does not bother my knees. I can ride at a moderate intensity on the ferrous and experience no knee pain.

5. The "B" bike can really flare things up at times.

Gotta run. It's pizza night and time's a wasting!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The boy is getting bigger and bolder.
Worked another 3 day run in the ICU. This 50% ED and 50% SICU deal is nice. Just when you start getting in the groove, you get to start working in the other unit. The only drawback is the scheduling. There's also the crap that my co-workers, from both units, give me for not being full time.
Activity Log:
Sat: 13 hour day in the SICU. Rode the ferrous to work.
Sun: Another 13 hour day in the SICU. Rode the ferrous again.
Mon: Yet another 13 hour day in the SICU. Rode the ferrous to work again.
Tuesday: 1 hour mellow spin on the ferrous through the hood and up into the Avenues. Knee exercises. Stretching. Upper body stuff.
Goal for Weds: 2 plus hours on the bike. I'm thinking "B" bike on the road with some warmish wheeler farm laps thrown in.