Friday, August 31, 2007

No Pics. Damn that's lame of me. Just a quick update prior to heading out the door. Today was a yard work and bee dodging day. Great cross-training! I may be doing some cross racing starting late October. If things keep going well and my knees can tolerate the strain I'll try to show up and race for training/experience. Later.
Thur: Errands. Knee stretches and exercises.
Friday: Rode the cheater bike to the shop. Mowed the lawn. Ran away from bees. Picked up dog poop. Pulled some weeds. Worked out the core muscles while Elijah laughed at me. Knee exercises and stretching.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

What happens when you put shoes on a 6 month old? He gains much needed traction for high speed crawling and pulling things off the coffee table. Thanks to whoever handed the kicks on down to little-E.

SAT,SUN,MON: Worked in ICU. Commuted to work on the 9spd Ferrous.
TUES: 2hrs on MTB. Knee exercises, stretching, and core.
WEDS: 1.5hrs on MTB. Knee exercises, stretching, and upper body stuff. Air safety class.

Friday, August 24, 2007

So, Elijah's still a handful and life is good. Going to get some new baby pics later today.
Thursday: 1hr 30min, knee exercises and stretching
Friday: 2 hrs (with some wheeler farm laps), knee exercises, stretching, upper body stuff.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I wouldn't be suprised if Elijah's first words are "Bring it on!" or "Is that all you got?" He is constantly finding new dangers around the house or turning harmless objects into items of peril. I bet that if a butcher knife, a frayed power cord, 12 baby books, and 5 plush stuffed animals were placed on the floor Elijah would go for the most deadly object first.
What else has been happening? Here's a quck recap since the last post:
Sat: No ride. Stretching x2. Knee Exercises.
Sun: Work. Tried to do some stretches while at work, co-workers thought I was weird.
Mon: Work. Crazy day at work. Lots of running around. No stretching. No knee excercises.
Tues: Work. Very crazy day. Hardly had time to sit and eat. Did some quick stretches waiting for a brain-attack to show up.
Weds: No Work. Daddy Day Care. Will spend the day chasing Litte E around the house, stretching, getting cx bike dialed, doing my knee exercises, fixing doors, walking dogs, and enjoying life away from the insanity of the ED.

Friday, August 17, 2007

This week has been one of those sleeper weeks. Things looked pretty mellow going into it, but it ended up being crazy. I worked Sun/Mon/Tuesday. Wednesday was daddy daycare with a challenging job interview thrown in for good measure. I was lucky that Uncle Zack was able to hang out and test Elijah's babe magnetism while I got grilled. While I didn't get the position the interview was a great experience.
Thursday was physical therapy. It felt like going to check the score of a test that you did not study for. You know it's going to bad but it always hurts to see your weakness quantified. Here's the quick story: I am not a flexible person, my pelvis and lower back are twisted, and my left hip ad/abductors and glutes are weaker than the left. I now have exercises and stretches that I'll be doing in addition to my regular core/stretching routine. I almost forgot that I'll be doing low-intensity miles until I get my body into alignment and the pain subsides
Thursday was also Elijah's 6 month check-up. He's a happy, loud, chunky 16lb 9oz baby who is really quite unhappy that he got 3 shots yesterday. Little E is now quite capable of army crawling around the house and getting into anything he wants. Today we'll be taking baby proofing to a new level and tomorrow he'll figure how to get into everything anyway. I guess that's how the next 18 years will be.
Friday: 1hr 30 minutes of recovery paced madness, stretching, PT exercises and stretching, chest/shoulder press, and tons of baby curls.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Elijah had baby food for the first time. He was indifferent to it, he was more interested in the spoons! This is one of his action shots, while army crawling. He is always on the move now, getting into things and coming up with new bruises.