Wednesday, June 29, 2011

my rant

Ladies what is our deal?! We spend so much time hating ourselves and each other. We spend so much time talking badly about ourselves telling the world we aren't good enough and guess what the world is starting to believe us. Why do we talk so mean about other woman? And why is talking mean about other woman so okay?
I refuse to say negative things about myself. I like to be healthy and focus on my positives. I won't talk mean about other woman, when woman talk mean about other woman it is a sign of a low self-esteem. When we do these things we are giving our power away! Next you see a woman and you think something mean about her. Take a minute and remind yourself she felt good when she left her house. Next time you think something mean about yourself remind yourself how you are destroying yourself. We are all beautiful and we should be proud we are different!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Ragnar 2011

Ragnar kicks my ass! 12 people run 190 miles from Logan to Park City. We barely sleep, a few lucky people shower and we each ran three times in 31 hours. Yesterday I told Sam I was never racing again, today I am thinking of my marathon and wondering who will be on my Ragnar team next year.
My leg was a lot more challenging this year. My first run was an easy 3.3 mile run outside of Ogden, my second run was a 10 mile run around Echo Reservoir at 2 a.m (this was an amazing run), and my last leg was an epic 3.1 mile run up Guardsmen Pass. I gained 1600 feet elevation on my last leg, I wasn't able to run it all but I got myself to the top with a smile on my face.
Sam ran with me this year. It was his first running race ever. He did so good. He even traded a leg with our friend so she could have an easier run, he ended up adding two miles to his last leg.

Saturday, June 04, 2011


I always run a lot but recently I have been running even more. Sometimes when I am out on my really long runs I wonder "why am I doing this?". I am literally running my ass off. Somedays my legs are so fatigued it is a workout to get up the stairs. I have the most ridiculous tan lines and my poor kids spend so much time in the jogger. The thing is I love to run. I love pushing myself harder than I thought I could go. I love the endorphin high. I love feeling strong and healthy. I love the side effects of running. I love when my mind lets go of all my stress, I stop thinking and my legs just move.
Humans were made to run. I believe a lot of us have the problems we do because we are not suppose to be solitary or sedentary. The biggest health problems in America heart disease, diabetes, and depression could be helped or even prevented by running.
In two weeks I am doing Ragnar again. This race is hard because of the lack of sleep. It is also so much fun. In July I am doing a two obstacle course 5k's. These are so much, nothing like running through the mud while running. Then at the end of July I am running my first marathon. I am a little nervous for this one, but I am going to take it one slow step at a time.
The happier I am the more I run and the more I run the happier I am.
Thank you Geno for introducing me to the fine art of running.