Monday, December 27, 2010


why wouldn't you wear a t-shirt with snow boots? Why wouldn't you climb onto the kitchen counter and drink your moms cold coffee?

the coolest pajamas ever!

present opening is serious business to these boys

We gave eachother blazers!!

the birds nest that Elijah pick for me.

As a parent christmas is exhausting! The shopping, the gift wrapping, the planning, and staying up until the kids go to sleep to put the presents out. Oh and the clean up is crazy. I enjoy christmas more now that Elijah knows what is going on and Isaac is just excited because there are toys for him.
We had a good christmas holiday. We saw christmas lights at Temple Square, rode the Polar Express in Heber, and had a lot of quality family time.
Christmas eve morning Sarah and Kelvin took the boys to breakfast and a movie. Sam and I were able to get presents wrapped and the house cleaned while they were gone. Christmas eve night we had our traditional taco dinner. Christmas morning was awesome! Isaac is still too little but Elijah was so excited. He stumbled out of bed his eyes barely open, yelling for us to turn the lights on so he could see what santa brought. My parents and Sam's mom and Kelvin came over to see the boys open their presents. We spent the morning with Sarah and Kelvin and did brunch. We then went to my sister's house for christmas dinner and even more presents. It was a busy day but so much fun.
I swear yesterday the boys had a christmas hang over. They kept acting out and they both were exhausted all day.
Sam is on break until January 10th. We are going to enjoy him being gone three days a week.
I am planning on posting more about my workouts. I tend to feel really good or I feel as if I am running with heavy legs and I can barely move. I want to be able to see my trends and maybe figure out why I am periodically struggling.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I have been attempting this workout. I can do all the exercises but not all the reps. I do not want to be as buff as this lady but I want to be as bad ass. Really I am hoping if I add this to running four days a week I will get a good overall work out for the week. I think running six miles is easier than this and I haven't even thought about timing myself I take too many breaks.

my boys sleep in awkward positions