Friday, May 12, 2006

A day in the life......

Our dogs have it rough.

Lay out in sun, chase birds, rest in shade, and chase each other.

Have you "MADE IT" when your profession gets it's own action figure?

Time to go hit some trails MK.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

The Weekend In Review

The little brother's graduation went well considering he was the only person to walk without a tassle (fashion statement or Z-Pooh moment?). It was great to see the grandparents and parents again. We had a nice little BBQ to celebrate.

The race: I had a great first lap and then imploded. Looks like I need to work some sustained efforts. I ended up rolling in 5th in the SS class. It felt odd not to crash during a race, during cross season I managed to pull off at least one good crash per race. I'll be missing this weekends racing action due to work. Good luck to the revolution squad!!!! Well, I've got to get up to the ER for some quality Male Nurse time.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Real Estate Boom!!!!!!!

This week has been eye opening. Katie and I are seriously considering purchasing a home, but have run into a little problem with the current real estate market in SLC. It's out of control!!!! The magic number for a house in our neighborhood is $259,000 for a thousand square feet and house with many "minor" repairs needed. It's been a challenge to find houses closer to the $200,000 mark that aren't falling apart and are close enough to the Hospital for bike commuting to be possible. I'm not about to move to the burbs because the prices are no better, there are no trees, and I hate driving.
While we could afford to buy a house in our neighborhood at the current prices, we don't want to spend that much money. We like to work the minimum and squeeze the maximum out of our days off. Our lifestyle would undoubtedly change if we were to pay full price for a house in our hood. We don't want to limit our time together just to own a home. So we'll keep looking and hopefully we'll find a deal.
Also, this is a big week for my little brother. He graduates on friday!!!! Congrats Brother!!!! It should be a blast. Both sets of my parents will be in town as well as the grandparents. There's also a mtn bike race on saturday. I'll get some pics up soon.