Sunday, April 29, 2012

Elijah's First 5K!

I want to start by saying my boy rocks!
Sam and I have a rule that Elijah needs to be doing an activity during the warmer months. We really don't care what it is as long as it is burns energy and gives him a sense of accomplishment. 
This spring Elijah decided he wants to do some races! And of course I would never say no to that. I found a really fun race called Color Me Rad. The race is described as "the most colorful race ever!" Basically every 1k we were sprayed with colored water and colored corn starch, then at the end we all got in a circle and threw colored corn starch at each other. 
So yes a 5k is a long way for a 5 year old to go. But I decided it would be a lot of fun and I figured we would just walk most of it. 
I should have remembered Elijah is mine and Sam's and he can not walk a race. My little man ran for 3k uphill and downhill. He ran even when I told him we could slow down. I was a proud mama. I gave him a shoulder ride for almost 1k but he got down when he decided his pregnant mom couldn't move fast enough with her 38 pound five year old on her shoulders. The last 1k he ran/walk. Whenever he was cheered on by race volunteers he would flash them the peace sign and give a little I am cool grin.   We came through the finish line with him yelling "I won! I won!"  
 Before. He was so excited.

 Post race colors!

17 weeks pregnant!

He looked so tired after the race I was worried I had worked him too hard. But an hour later he was running around and playing. 

Saturday, April 14, 2012

15 weeks pregnant!

My belly is getting big quick! I will post a picture soon.
I am starting to feel better. I still have waves of "all day sickness" but not as often. The first trimester was hard! I was tired and often felt like vomiting. I still managed to train for a 25k but it wasn't always pretty. I often had to stop in the middle of runs to dry heave and vomit. I have only dry heaved on a run twice in the last week! My runs are getting easier and I feeling more energetic. I am still planning on doing Ragnar in June but after that I may just have to do easy runs until I am too big.
I am looking forward to meeting the third and final addition to the Atencio-Sloan clan! I am also trying to enjoy this pregnancy since I know it will be my last. Elijah is so interested and excited. He named the baby Captain. Isaac doesn't quite get it yet, but he does say he has a baby in his belly named Captain.
My only complaint about having three kids is I have to get a mini-van! So not cool. I am going to drive a mini-van. Aahh my cool factor is all gone.

The boys enjoying some sidewalk paint
We have a lot of goodness in our lives and I am just enjoying it.

Thursday, April 05, 2012

I have had some added stress in my life recently but I don't want to complain about it. I want to remember how wonderful my life is. Sam and I are building a good life together and I have a good support system. These pictures are the things in life that matter and that make me laugh!