Monday, November 17, 2014

It is amazing how quickly the days pass.  My babies are turning into boys.  2014 is almost over and I have barely written a word this year.  My heart is full.  I have learned so much this year, cried so much and been heart broken but I have laughed, felt more love than I ever thought possible, and I have had new experiences. This life I have is amazing. I am realizing I am a nerd.  I like science, running and staying home with my family.
 These two are too funny. They just have IT. 

 This crazy boy of mine is going to be my heart attack. He is independent, strong willed
and already concerned about what he is going to wear. 
His smile makes my heart melt and his laughter makes the whole world
brighter. He throws the most epic tantrums.  He is starting to talk 
and toddler speech is just heart warming. 

 Me and my Wild Things.  
It amazes me how much I love them. How much I love the little things.
I love the way they smell, when they hold my hands, when they laugh, 
when Isaac gets mad because he is convinced there was a mistake when the 
alphabet was made because C and K sound the same. I love when 
Eli tries to change Luc's diaper but he is 7 and only makes a mess. 
I love that Luc runs his fingers through my hair when he is mad or 
sleeping. I love that Eli and Isaac get into epic fights because they are having 
imagination play and "their guys are mad at each other".  How lucky am I to 
be the mama of these wild things?

 My Isaac. The first time I held him I felt like I had 
found a missing piece of myself. He has a sensitive soul but he masks
it with laughter and wit. Sometimes when I am mad he asks me if I still 
love him and I can't help but just stop what I am doing and hold him.  

 This man and I have been together for ten years! I knew he was my guy from
the beginning but I never imagined this. Because this smart, funny,
amazing man loves me I feel like I can do anything, like I can always
get up and move forward. 

This boy is going to be the one who call home everyday. This is my
heart break and my pride. He is being teased at school because he is unique and
that hurts him more than he lets on. My heart hurts that people can't see what an amazing
cool kid he is and it pisses me off that people teach their kids that different is bad.
Eli has a strong sense of self and he is defiant and sometimes I want him not to fight me
I want him to go to bed when I tell him.  But there is also a piece of me who never wants him to stop fighting.
I never want him to change because the world tells him he has to fit in. I also want to shield him from
the bullies and sometimes I regret how I handle him but I know if I always have his back. If I always fight for
him, he will be okay. People like Eli change the world. 

Sunday, March 02, 2014

Our life is crazy, chaotic and wonderfully beautiful.