Wednesday, March 20, 2013

 Elijah Samuel had his six year check up today. His doctor said he is perfect and I believe her.
He weighs 40 lbs and is 44.5 inches tall. He is getting to be such a big kid. 
He is so thoughtful and so loving. 
He tells me I am as pretty as a rose. He loves to make Luc laugh and he loves playing games with Isaac. 
He is very proud that he looks just like his daddy. 
Elijah is also very popular in school which is not a shocker considering how nice 
he is and what an amazing sense of fashion he has.  

 Lucas Dalton had is six month check up today. 
He weighs 18 lbs 10oz  and is 26.5 inches long. He is in the 50th percentile! 
Elijah weighed 18 lbs at 12 months. Captain has already started the phase where I can not be away 
from him, which makes taking a shower, cooking and cleaning kind of hard. 
He is such a cute baby! He has the cutest smile, he shakes his head "no no" and 
he makes the cutest babbling baby noises. 

 Did I mention how much he likes to eat? 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


On March 17th my Dad will turn 60! We went to Moab this last weekend to celebrate. Saturday we were suppose to go hiking but it turned out to be a cold snowy day. Instead we went to Dead Horse Point and did some shopping. Saturday night we chilled as a family and drank wine. Which I think is a perfect way to spend a Saturday night. Sunday was a nice sunny day so Lucas, Sam, the boys and I went hiking. We hiked Fisher Towers which I have now hiked four times and I have never made it to the end! We did hike four miles and the wild things did great. We got home late Sunday night and rushed to get the boys to bed. We were all tired yesterday but it was a perfect weekend.

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

picture post

 Captain is getting so big!

 We got the Wild Things baptized.

 "Is he going to spit up on me?!" -Sam

 I am not sure what was going on in this picture but it is super cute.

 Isaac being Isaac

 How to shop with three boys! 

brothers chillin