Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Wild Things

My boys are wild things! I took an eight minute shower yesterday. In eight minutes they managed to empty the diaper bag, empty the silverware drawer, their clean pj's were decorating the crib and every toy was out of the toy box. When I walked out of the bathroom they both looked at me with such mischievous grins!
Isaac is crawling and pulling himself up. He really wants to be running around with Elijah and I think very soon he might be able to. He really likes dancing! He does this little bounce that is so cute.
Elijah is turning three in a couple of weeks. CRAZY! He is already excited for his new years (birthday party). We are going to have his party at the local indoor swimming pool. He told me only Jackson, the fireman and tractor driver are invited. So sorry everyone who thought they were coming. Our newest conversation is
Me or Sam "Elijah what are you doing?"
Elijah " I am not doing any something!"

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I have been tagged

My friend Lauren Hart tagged me. I am suppose to write ten random facts about myself. There is a lot about me that is random so here is just a few.
1. Up until three years ago I would never cook. I believe it is mans work. I cook now but only because I have been forced to.
2. I am addicted to coffee and chapstick. I have no intention of ever recovering from my addiction.
3. I believe children should get dirty, play outside a lot and be around germs. It is healthy for them.
4. Listening to Brother Ali and Kayne West makes me run faster.
5. I can not sleep with the closet door open EVER. I think the boogie man will come out of it and get me while I sleep. This is completely illogical and I know it.
6. If I could have my dream job I would open up a woman's health and fitness center. It would be a gym, daycare, coffee shop, nutrition center, and running/biking club all rolled into one.
7. I lived in Hawaii for a short while when I was 19. I still miss the sound and smell of the ocean.
8. As a little girl I was obsessed with the color purple and I think I might still be. Purple just makes me happy.
9. My mom is from England. My dad's ancestors were spanish jews fleeing the Spanish Inquisition, they settled in Northern New Mexico and Southern Colorado. Growing up I assumed everyones parents were two different colors and different religions.
10. I love wearing heels. I feel silly wearing sneakers, like I am not all the way dressed.

I am going to tag some of my friends and family...

Thursday, January 14, 2010


The big day and the big bride.

Our ceremony

Last week Sam and I celebrated our three year anniversary. Wow! It seems like it has been longer and at the same time it feels like we just started dating.
On March 27th 2006 Sam asked me to marry him. It was such a Sam moment full of sarcasm and charm all at the same time. Of course I said yes, I had been ready for him to ask a few months after we started dating. On June 11th 2006 we found out I was pregnant, we were surprised but so excited. As my pregnancy progressed we decided to get married at the court house and later we would do a ceremony with our family. That way were we married but still got to celebrate the way we feel about each other. On January 9th 2007 we walked into the court house together (I actually wobbled) and became husband and wife. I was excited but at the same time it felt so normal. One year later we finally had our ceremony! It was a beautiful snowy day and perfect.
We are looking forward to our next sixty years together, getting old and gray together maybe doing some traveling and enjoying our family.

Friday, January 01, 2010

Hello 2010

I will miss 2009. It was a great year. Sam finished three semesters of grad school. Elijah turned into a little boy, learned to say funny things, ride a two wheeler and became a big brother. Isaac was born and is such a cute chunky baby who is on his way to crawling. I went back to school and I am training for a half marathon. We bought a house and Sam got a new bike. Lucas is our roommate and is almost done with nursing school. Zack is in a rockin band. Laura got to be my helper while out of work, she got a new job and a new house. Eric and Juanita got married and bought a house. Dana rejoined the military and moved to Texas. Patrick moved closer to us. Papa Geno got into crazy running shape and Nana Banana is looking younger every day. Sarah and Kelvin are looking for a house so they can move to Utah. Andrea got married! Here is to 2010 and more of the same goodness.

this is us snowshoeing.