Wednesday, January 31, 2007

12 DAYS TO EDC!!!!!

Well hypnobirthing class is done and now begins the waiting game. Our goals are to keep Mona from going crazy, get the hospital bag packed, and enjoy some trips to restaurants and movie theaters. Mona is our oldest dog. Right before we found out that Katie was pregnant Mona started getting weird. Mona suddenly became my best friend and totally ignored Katie. It was crazy because while Mona and I get along, she's not the biggest fan of men. I enjoyed a couple weeks of Mona just following me around, resting her head in my lap, and actually listening to me. Just when I got used to the new obedient Mona she reverted back to her old self, independent and fiercely protective of Katie.
Fast forward about 9 months and a new Mona has emerged. Mona is now a super freak! She can't stand us leaving the house, she's incredibly insubordinate, and she's really curious whenever we get home. I should also mention that she is trying to chew her way through her crate, it reminds me of Prison Break. It wouldn't alarm if we came home from work to find a tunnel though the basement wall and under the driveway with an opening under the jeep. Two questions remain about Mona's recent madness: Would she take Buckley? Does this mean that Katie's going to produce a child soon?

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Does cleaning the baseboards with Q-tips count as nesting? If so, then she's been doing quite a bit of nesting. This last three days have been filled with cleaning, some baby shower action, frozen pipes, furnace failure, a gas leak, one sleepless night, and more cleaning. All I can say is when you're on, you are really on.
Disaster has been avoided and we can continue on with our lives. No more crawling around the basement on my back installing pipe warmers and insulation, or sleeping in hotels (due to no furnace and gas leak) with two freaked out dogs. Something tells me that we'll be going through plenty of Q-tips over the next month.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

The New Year

Looking back at the past year has been interesting. Last year was great but this year is going to top it!!!!! We finally get to see what's been growing in Katie's belly. We've spent the last week deep cleaning, lightening our load, and getting things in order around the house. We've finally finished our Must Be Done By February List and can focus on resting, birthing class, and enjoying sleeping through the night.