Thursday, July 29, 2010

more summer fun

Sam's new bike.

Wheeler Farm bike ride

he climbs everything!

Sam is heading into finals week!! He is busy but I am excited for him to be on break. We are going to take a mini-vacation just the four of us. We have never been anywhere just us. I think we are going to spend time hiking, running, biking, swimming and eating good food. It won't be much different from what we do now but it won't be at home.
Summer is keeping us busy. Most nights we all crash because we play so hard during the day. In the last week we have already been to a party, saw fireworks, went for a family bike ride, had a park day, cleaned the house, went to a friends house for a swim date, went to the zoo and I have been running four to five days a week. My boys are spending a lot of time outside getting dirty and playing in the hose. It has been a good summer so far.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

I love summer

I love spending the day at the pool. I love going to the park early, before the slides get too hot. I love hanging outside right before it gets dark. I love how my boys are so tired at the end of the day from playing so hard. I love the dirty swimming pool in the backyard. I love when my boys stink like sweat, dirt and sunscreen at the end of a long day. I love when Elijah plays in the mud. I love bbq's and fireworks. I love fruit salads and salads. I love spending the day at a lake. I love doing yard work and summer projects. I love that Sam will have breaks and we will get a mini-family vacation. I love that the T.V is hardly ever on. I love wearing summer dresses or shorts. I love running early in the morning. I love that my boys knees are always dirty and scratched. I love that I don't have to dress Isaac and it perfectly acceptable at this time of year. I love sitting on my parents deck. I love hanging out at the zoo. I love going to the library and museums to get away from the heat. I love Bee's games. I love tan lines.
I do not like that my boys fight a lot now. I do not like that Isaac has turned into a mischievous toddler, he use to be so sweet.