Thursday, July 26, 2012

mama's got drama

Oh my goodness! I know how to stress my husband out. I had some contractions yesterday that wouldn't go away with fluids and rest. In fact they got worse after two hours! I started to get nauseous with each contraction which isn't a good sign. My doctor wanted me to get checked out just to make sure everything was okay. After some tests, some fluids and anti-nausea medication the contractions started to slow down and were less intense. I was so relieved, I am excited to meet my baby boy but not right now!  I was told to get some rest and sent home.
I am not very good at resting.  There is a lot to be done and I can't lay around knowing I could be doing something productive. Plus exercising helps my mental health. My OB didn't put my on bed rest but my husband did. I got to sleep until 9:30! Then lay around most of the afternoon. I am not going to lie I am tired today and just this once I am going to enjoy doing very little.

Friday, July 20, 2012

My Wonderful Boy

The other day Elijah found $20 on the ground. Big score for such a small guy. He was so excited and I expected him to spend the money on a toy for himself. But he decided to spend the money buying himself, his cousin and brother kids meals. He had $8 left over so he bought his little brother a car at the grocery store and is saving the last $3 for himself. He also tried to buy Sam and I a pizza but we let him keep his money.
I am so proud of him. What a kind little boy.