Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Cross is upon us!!!

And I'm feeling all dressed up with no where to go.......

My "A" bike is here and the training is entering full swing. There's just two burning questions that I have: Where are we racing this year? When can we buy our passes? Our local promoter has the dates set up, but no venues listed. I am staying positive. We will have another great cross season.

Buckley and Murph locking horns

"What?? It's for fashion not because I chew on my ass!"

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Blogger Down

I haven't been able to access the blog for a while. Look for pics and some big news later this week.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

It's been a crazy week since my last update. Trying to cram training in with work and life makes time fly. Works really been getting crazy. August is a special time of year in the ER. The trauma bay got quite bit of action over the weekend with way too many alcohol inspired accidents. Also, one of my intoxicated trauma patients decided to try and choke me and punch my favorite EMT. It must be scary to get trashed, drive your car over a light post and then slam into a tree, but there's no need to take out your drunk-ass anger on people trying to help you. Wow! That was my first work related rant ever.
Training Log
Fri: Tempo V1 on trainer 1:32 w/ work friday night
Sat: work, crazy shift
Sun: work, another crazy shift
Monday: rest/run/yard work
Tuesday: 1:25 Mix V1 on trainer
Weds: some Z1 before work
Thurs: climbing
Fri: 3 hrs Z1