Monday, June 21, 2010

Ragnar 2010

This race was one of the hardest physical, emotional, and mental things I have ever done. The race starts in Logan and ends 188 miles later in Park City. I was in Van 1 and leg 5. We started our first runner at 5:45 am. My first run was 7.6 miles up Avon pass. It was a beautiful hard run and I felt good. My second run was suppose to be a moderate 4 miles but I was starting to feel the sleep deprivation and I had a hard time. I was half way through my run when I realized I had no idea where I was! I mean I knew I was in Utah but I was running through some farming community and I had no I idea where it was. After our second leg we actually got a decent 3.5 hour break. I was so ready for a nap. I ended up sleeping on Coalville's high school lawn. I wasn't able to sleep though! I was too worked up and was making sure our wonderful volunteers made it to their exchange points. At 2 am we got up to meet Van 2 for the next exchange. I did take another nap at about 4 am. When I woke up it was my turn for my last leg and I was ready to go! I ran 3.6 miles through Heber and it was by far my most awesome run. I think I was going on adrenaline and the knowledge that the sooner I got done the sooner I was done with my portion of Ragnar.
My team rocked! Thank you Geno, Eric, Lucas, Josh, Andrea, Trevan, Liena, Caroline, Molly, Larry and Lindy! I had a lot of fun. I said only a few things I shouldn't have. I laughed a lot. I am really proud of Larry this was his very first race! He killed it. Andrea is my hero. I mean really she is amazing. She has been through so much the last eight months but she wanted to do Ragnar. I offered to run her last leg with her and she refused. She wanted to do it alone just like the rest of us. Then when Lucas was running the worst portion of the race she got out of the car and walked the last mile with him! And of course Geno. He has a lot to be proud of! He ran Ragnar with his kids and put us to shame. He came across the finish line moving fast and looking good. I hope when I am his age I am running and looking as good as him. I think my only complaint is I missed Sam a lot. I hope next year he is there with me.
My team was awesome. We finished in 31 hours! We came in 130th place!
I am already looking forward to doing this again next year.

Monday, June 14, 2010

oh no

Well Sam is out of the big race. A few weeks ago he crashed his bike, he unknowingly slipped his SI joint. He then continued to run on it for three weeks until his hip was in so much pain he could barely walk. Poor Sam. He has worked so hard for this. I am sad because I was excited to spend that much time with him. He is going to stay home and hang out with the boys while I run and try and not say anything vulgar in my sleep deprived delirium.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

We are enjoying the beginning of summer. Going to baseball games, the park and the zoo. Doing lots of running and a few bike rides.