Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Feet Are At The Heart Of It

My appointment with the podiatrist last wednesday went well. The conclusion is that my left foot needs more support. He went with a low-tech felt wedge under the arch of my existing foot bed. Did it work? I just worked 4 12 hour shifts in row without knee pain. Now I need to find some foot beds the fit well in my bike shoes and get them set up by the podiatrist. Wednesday was a big day for another reason as well. The College of Nursing held a grad school info session. This session was both informative and disappointing. I am now faced with a dilema: attend the U for 4.5 years and obtain a doctorate the enables me to sit for FNP boards, or attend another school for two years and obtain a master's that enables me to sit for FNP boards. Here's the kicker: there's no difference in pay or scope of practice between the two options.
What do you think???????

Elijah sleeping while I research grad schools

Elijah meets his new roomy

The position feels better with every ride.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Time Flies When You're Being Lazy!!!!

We've been having a great time on our "vacation". It's been nice to just chill at home and get things done around the house. The biggest deal of the "vacation" was Elijah getting to meet his great-grandparents. We're starting to plan a Jan. trip to NM to see them again and visit Bucky and Bama.

I also got the chance to watch my able bodied friends race CX at RMR. The course looked fun and challenging. This was the first time in two years that I have watched my group race from the bleachers. I left pretty motivated to get my knees feeling better for next year.
Activity log:
Sat: 20 min stretching x 2, core, and quality rest
Sun: 20 min stretching, upper body, towed Elijah to see GGS
Mon: 45 min spin, core, 20 min stretching
Tues: 52 min spin, 20 min stretching, upper body, mini-stretching
Left knee is still hurting consistently. Looking forward to my follow-up with the podiatrist tomorrow. Out of everything I've done so far the foot beds have helped the most. Also, the new fit feels pretty good. I've had my saddle too low and too far forward, so it will be a few months of baby-steps to transition me into the best position. Mike from Canyon did a great job. I can see why so many docs and therapists recommended him.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Fall Hikes

Chasing Elijah

Friday, October 05, 2007

Yesterday was another long day in the ICU. Out the door at 628AM and back home at 827PM. It was also a trying day. It's amazing to come home from work to the smell of good food, my beautiful wife, and the sound of a loud, happy baby. I've got two ED shifts this weekend and then a solid block of time off. We are looking forward to a "vacation" in SLC.
Today I went for a run with Katie and E. I'm glad shoes can't flat like the jogger. Tonight is soup night at Jen's house. Should be fun. Gotta run.
Thursday: Work.
Friday: 50 minute run. Monster walks. Basic core. Stretching.
KNEES: They felt pretty good at work and during the run. This on-off deal with the pain is odd.

The Ferrous will see some leaf crunching action next week.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

One pic. No over-the-top rambling. Just a quick update. Here goes:

1) Knee exercises (- 1), Core, Stretching, Speed Lap of Da Hood.
2) The left knee is pissed about me being on my feet for 12.5 hrs at work yesterday. This is the worst the pain has been for a while. This really bums me out. It seems like I get 1-2 weeks without pain followed by 1-2 weeks of pain. I'll just have to see how my follow-up appointments go.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Activity Log:
Mon: Long walk at liberty while Katie ran. Knee exercises. Core. Stretching.
They're feeling much better. The pain is down to an ache from stabbing. My follow-up appointments are coming up.