Monday, March 28, 2011

Birthday weekend!

This last weekend was one of those weekends where I sarcastically think to myself "my life really sucks"! Sam had the whole weekend off. I did a really awesome 25k trail run. I got to have a girls night and I had a lot of fun laughing with my girls. I had a massage. I got some nice gifts from my friends and family. Sam got me a gift card to get my VO2 max checked and I am excited about that. I had brunch with my family. I had a nap with Sam and Isaac. Sam made me lemon bars (my favorite). Sam also made me a wonderful dinner.
I am still a little tired from the race. I don't think I ate very good after the race, but eating after a big run is hard for me. My stomach gets all weird. The only thing I can handle is oranges and salad. So today I spent a lot of time chilling, a little bit of cleaning and hopefully tomorrow I will feel better. I might have a little bit of a bug also but it is hard to tell.
Pictures to come.

Monday, March 21, 2011


Things have been a little rough here. Isaac was sick for about seven days with a crazy stomach bug and now Elijah has it. My poor boys. It is hard, they both want to keep doing things but it is hard to leave the house when you never know when an emergency bathroom break will be needed. Plus they are both so grumpy when they are sick. Really I can not blame them.
I have still been able to get my workouts in. I ran another ten miles on Friday with lots of hills. I felt good and was able to get the jogger up all those hills. I have a theory that if I can get the jogger up big hills and run ten miles pushing it I might be able to pull off this 25k. I went for a 5 mile run with Lucas yesterday, he has a pretty fast pace and I was able to keep up with him. He decided after the run we should go rock climbing. Off to the Front climbing gym we went. I really suck at rock climbing! I do like it though. It is good for me to try new things. My arms are really sore today.
Good news, I woke up today without any Achilles tendon pain. Now that I have been walking around I can barely notice it. So maybe I am slowly starting to heal.
In the last month or so Isaac has really started talking. He has conversations now. He also says some not very cool things. Like when he is frustrated with me or Elijah he says "go away". He has really started to turn into a boy, losing his baby weight, being interested in bikes, not wanting hugs and to do things all on his own. He even picks out his own pajamas and gets upset when I try and help him get them on.
Four year old Elijah is awesome. I think he is more aware of other peoples feelings and he cares when he upsets someone. He actually wants me to play games with him! He is doing ice skating lessons on Tuesdays and soccer games on Saturdays. He is good at ice skating, he can already shuffle across the ice. We will see what happens with soccer. He is insisting he is going to be the goalie and he can use his hands. They don't use goalies at this level so we will see what happens.
Sam is still really busy. But things are getting closer to being done. He presents his research project on April 8th. He will have until the end of April to finish his clinical hours and he graduates on May 5th! He then has to pass boards, but he will do so good. He is so tired. He has been going seven days a week for three years. I am lucky to have a man that is smart, good looking, funny and not afraid to work his ass off to make his family's life better!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

I did it!

I ran 10 miles today! My achilles tendon hurts now but didn't hurt the whole run. I didn't have any ankle or foot pain while running either. Andrea and I ran a lot of hills today, to get ready for my next two races. I was tired at the end of the run but I felt good. I figured out if I use a goo packet at least once on these long runs I do so much better. I gag every time I eat a goo, but it keeps me going. I pushed the boys the whole time today! They both stayed awake and played with their toys or fought each other. I don't think Elijah is going to let me push him on these long runs for too much longer, plus he is getting too big for me. I guess I will have to figure something else out soon. Good thing Sam is almost done with school.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Isaac's black eye

it is more of a yellow eye but still a nice bruise

the day of the big fall


notice the bruise on his forehead meeting the bruise on his eye.

Ice Skating

Elijah started ice skating lessons yesterday. He has been super excited for this for a while. He could barely contain himself when he was waiting for his lessons to start. The first day the teacher taught the kids how to fall down, get up by themselves and to walk a little on the ice. Once he was on the ice he realized how hard it was going to be but he was brave. He stayed on the ice and kept trying even when he was scared!

Daddy helping him get his skates on

so excited!

watching the speed skaters practice

on the ice

watching brother do his thing

I ran six miles on monday. I felt good while running. My achilles tendon ached after but ibuprofen, icing and massage helped. Tuesday I did a tempo workout on the elliptical. It was one of those super hard workouts that feels so good. Today I did some pilates with Isaac sitting on me. I find it hard to concentrate on holding my stomach muscles in with a screaming toddler sitting on me.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Elijah took this picture. He instructed us to be Power Rangers.

they make me laugh

The boys and I went to the park yesterday. We were there for 25 minutes. In that time both boys fell off the swing and Isaac gave himself a black eye! Elijah fell off the swing looking like a ninja and Isaac fell off and got right back up. Having two wild boys can sometimes be stressful. All these injuries they give themselves makes my heart race and my anxiety go up. I do not want to be a hovering mom though. I think when a parent hovers kids stop exploring, learning independence and tend to be narcissistic. I try to balance letting them do their thing with me keeping them safe. I guess that means they are going to end up with a few more bruises and bumps. I will post a picture of Isaac's black eye when it gets really good!

This last week was my third week of six days in a row of exercise. It felt so good. I have been doing four days of cardio, one of Pilates, and on of the 550. I even ran two days this week. I felt good, the achilles tendon is still sore after the run but icing and massage help a lot. I am going to try for a ten mile run this week, I have to be able to run 16 miles very soon!